Sitting around the campfire (or jumping over it) tossing back some Dale’s, jamming tunes and swapping single track stories of full send…we live for those moments.

Founded by legendary craft brewer Dale Katechis, the spirit of CRAFTING pours over into everything we build. REEB is a small independent manufacturer using the finest materials and processes to create bikes that are built to last and to be unique for our customers.

We keep the design and fabrication close to the trails where they are tested and we don’t do it behind closed doors.  Stop by the shop, hoist beers and talk biikes with gang while they make your next bike.

Handmade in Colorado USA    #reebme



Dale founded REEB in 2011 when his bike was stolen and he decided he didn't want to just buy another overseas catalog bike. When he's not smashing on his single speed, he's stealing merch from the bike shop to keep our inventory game on point.


Tim takes customer service to the next level and makes sure every REEB that goes out the door is exactly what you want, perfectly crafted and ready to ride. Also... Tim shreds harder than he'll ever admit, and he's a KEY member of our product testing team.


Jeff is a lifetime mountain biker with three trials national titles under his belt and the world record for the bunny hop on a full-size mountain bike. He now puts his skills to the test by riding “unrideable” trails around the country and representing REEB and Can'd Aid to promote the the fun, growth, and community that can be found on a bike.


Robbie's been building bikes since before YouTube, rocking rigid single speeds since day one on a MTB. Other hobbies include blowing up his racecar, fixing his racecar, and hoping his racecar doesn't blow up again. When Robbie sees something cool his first thought is, "I want to build that." Since bikes are the coolest, here we are.


Todd is your friendly, music-loving mechanic at the REEB Bike Shop at Cyclhops Bike Cantina.  He has been wrenching on bikes since spandex, toe clips, rigid forks and bar ends were standard issue. When not wrenching on bikes or his antique vehicles, you'll find Todd hiking, biking, or running on the local trails.


Hailing from the North-East of England and being described (by himself we think) as “Exotic & Perpetually Irreverent”, James is a pro-photog who roams the globe stealing souls. After learning of the culture of REEB he knew that with his lifelong passion for bikes and drinking beer he had to make REEB his friend and become part of the family.


Literally born into the OB/REEB Family, Devon has been rocking one of our early Belt Drive SS REEB Hardtails until THIS YEAR!!?? when he finally pulled the trigger and built a stunning XXL STEEZL. A marketing and data analytics wizard, he spends his time at REEB chuckling to himself as he watches us pretend to know what an algorithm is.


Our trusty Sportsmobile, Uncle Rico can be found in the slow lane chugging up mountain passes or death wobbling down them on the way to demo events. With a trailer full of bikes and beers and crewed by degenerate bike fanatics, you can count on Rico delivering the party. If you see us on the road, make sure to say hi!

New Shop coming soon!

Boston Ave, Longmont, CO

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