Welcome To The Family Burnsey

Oh hey there, merry happy whatever the hell holiday it is. It’s November right? Fortunately or unfortunately it’s the holiday season and we all know what that means… obligatory time with obscure family members, heated dinner conversations about politics that no one agrees on AND consumerism at its “finest.” *Barf* Well friends, we’re not here to give you a family member pep talk or pedal a mega list of deals from retailers that offer “things” that give you a small dopamine hit and entice you to acquire more crap in your life. We’re here to tell you to GO RIDE YOUR DAMN BIKE, invest in small businesses in your area and K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) this holiday season.  

More importantly, we have BIG NEWS: We’ve added a dark and brooding powerhouse welder to the REEB crew! But who? Some refer to him as the single speed pirate, a man shrouded in mystery and well regarded at a high level of his craft. Perhaps you’ve seen some of his creations. You know the ones, delightfully swoopy handlebars and custom frames that don’t quite fit into the “mold” of normal society; designs that bend your idea of reality and are regarded as almost unattainable… While his accomplishments in the bike industry have been nothing short of ingenious, we’ve managed to convince this lone “pirate” to utilize his fine craftmanship in conjunction with REEB. We’re honored and elated to introduce Sean Burns, owner of Oddity Cycles, as the newest member of the REEB welding crew. 

Sean, or “Burnsey” as he’s affectionately called by friends, will be joining the team as a finishing welder of all flavors of REEB being produced hence forth. Burnsey has been riding with many of the Lyons based REEB fam since its inception “back in the day” (2011). While he’s still focused on his personal business; Oddity handlebars and titanium hardtail frames, he’s “excited for the challenge of welding aluminum, steel and full suspension bicycles for REEB.” New endeavors seem daunting to most, but so far Sean seems pretty “chill” about the idea, assuring us that he “wouldn’t take a job that he didn’t feel like he could learn and grow from” or a position where his creativity wasn’t challenged. So far he loves working with the REEB crew stating “it’s nice to be around people with a similar mindset. People who are constantly thinking, creating and innovating.” 

As you know we are always doing just that. Sean will be helping weld all our new designs (shhhh) and also with the existing designs coming to market. Chances are, if you choose to purchase a new REEB (which we highly recommend, btw), Sean’s expert hands will have graced the presence of your new trusty steed. What’s more exciting that that? 

So this holiday season while you’re making small talk at the dinner table. Don’t forget to inform your relatives who know nothing about mountain biking, that Burnsey is the new welder for REEB. When they ask you what the hell a “Burnsey” is, let them know he’s probably the coolest dude in Colorado and you’re surprised they didn’t know.  When they ask what a REEB is, make sure you explain in excruciatingly long and drawn out detail how amazing your REEB bike is and how you LIVE and breathe mountain biking. As an added bonus start spewing detailed bike geometry to your uninformed relatives and demand that they care. That’ll be sure to shut up that one uncle who came to “inform you” of his political affiliation and proclaim that you are wrong about life. No uncle Stu! Sit your ass down and listen to more bike specs, and while you’re at it google Sean Burns, acquire a REEB and finally realize what’s truly important in life – bikes. 

For a more detailed description of who Sean Burns is as a person and what qualifies him to work with our already outstanding weld crew, be sure to check out this recent write up on the Radavist. If you need to memorize our most popular bike specs for a dinner conversation, or visually show uncle Stu what he’s been missing out on; find that information here.  If you want an obscure holiday ice breaker to ease the pain of family dinner conversations,  DM us on Instagram and we’ll give you a topic. Or if you just want to come hang with us, meet the elusive Burnsey,  demo bikes and drink beer join us in Lyons at our next open house on December 17th, 2022, from 10am-4pm. 

Lastly, if you’re REALLY itching to put your deposit on a SST, and haven't bought a fancy Holiday sweater for this season, we’ve got you. Out of sheer luck the REEB Merino Wool Jersey in Black or Green, or “the woolie” as we refer to it,  is BACK IN STOCK and is the most badass of badass jerseys known to man. Normally this three season staple is $190, but if you put a deposit on a SST, we’ll ship ya one for FREE – just in time for those holiday sweater parties.

You must add both the jersey and SST deposit to your cart for the jersey discount to be applied to your order. Offer valid 11/25/22 while jersey supplies last. Standard shipping applies.

Until next time REEB crew, we truly hope you enjoy time with your families and convince all your relatives to drink the REEB Kool-Aid. 

Happy Holidays!

Words by Chris Schieffer