REEB Outerbike Recap

As many who have been can attest, Outerbike is an event unlike any other. It’s not a festival per se, it’s a gathering of those who want to ride as many types of bikes as possible in order to further their existing bias on “the best bike brand” or to experience something completely different. We at REEB fall into the “different” category and suffice to say, that’s just fine with us. 

When Outerbike opens the “bull pen” every morning,   200+ people race into the event space to secure the bike they want to demo. Much to our surprise and delight, many people raced straight to the REEB tent. Did the custom “bass boat” sparkle paint and cooler full of Oskar Blues call to them? Was it Jeff Lenosky’s “tall drink of water” vibes, the many unattended children “helping” at the booth, or was it because we had a full size run of SST’s available? We’ll chalk it up to a combination of things. Any way you slice it, those who were lucky enough to demo the SST, returned the bike shouting “TAKE MY MONEY!” … Literally. That’s how you know that being different isn’t always a bad thing. 

In addition to receiving comments like “we liked you guys the best” and being (unofficially) voted “the most chill booth” at Outerbike, we also laid claim to “best steel full suspension bike.” Because, duh. For lack of a better term, the SST is the shit,  and was hands down the sexiest bike at the festival. No need to argue, #ThemsFacts. As Biggie once said, “If you don’t know, now you know.” Obviously he was referring to the REEB SST fun factor here, and not something completely 90’s related. 

Sexy bikes, yes please. Badass group rides, HELL YEAH! It seems as though people of all ages really enjoyed the group rides with the Trail Boss, Jeff Lenosky. As measured by the insane amount of people who lined up to ride, many of whom did not register in advance (Side note: in the future please register in advance). However, we aim to please, so group ride limits were increased and new REEB ambassador, Chris Schieffer was sent along to provide comic relief in the shuttle line and to corral ride groups with Jeff.  Aside from the need to secure an ENTIRE SHUTTLE for Navajo Rocks on Friday and Captain Ahab on Sunday, the rides went swimmingly and those who attended really enjoyed the ability to stop and session sections of trail they may have otherwise overlooked with the Trail Boss himself. In some cases it wasn’t sessioning so much as watching Jeff defy gravity on his custom Gold SST, which was also wildly entertaining. 

Interested in seeing more of us? We have several shop nights planned for the remainder of 2022. Swing by for a demo any time, come to the Fall open house on Saturday October 29th  to hang, ride bikes, drink beer or D) All of the above. Be sure to check our social media and newsletter for upcoming shindigs and shenanigans!

As for public facing events, you can catch us next at the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival March 3rd – 5th 2023, where we may or may not be releasing a new bike… shhhh. Until that time, thank you to those who came by the Outerbike booth - stay unique, keep it shreddy, and continue to spread the REEB love.