REEB At The Sea Otter Classic

It’s that time of the year again! Time to attend the “Largest cycling festival in the WORLD!” Now you may be thinking, is this like Bentonville Arkansas self-proclaiming to be the “Mountain Biking Capital of the WORLD” out of the blue and expecting everyone to believe it’s true? No. We really believe The Sea Otter Classic is the largest cycling festival in the world. As for Bentonville… we’ll let the WORLD weigh in. 

Back to facts; if you’ve been following cycling of any kind in the past 32 years, it’s likely you’ve heard of The Sea Otter Classic. Every year (minus that Covid year) over 80,000 people flock to Laguna Seca Speedway in Monterey California, to watch over 10,000 professional and amateur athletes compete in one of a myriad of races in every cycling discipline you can imagine. In addition to the racing opportunities many of the world’s leading bike brands and components companies grace California with their Presence to launch and/or reveal the new season’s products and gear. For bike enthusiasts, it’s four days of wonderment and walking… lots of walking. A magical time, indeed.

Unfortunately, REEB will not have a booth at The Sea Otter Classic this year because we have to keep our people focused on production in order to keep delivering bikes on time. Small business is tough people! 

Fret not, you will see several REEB bikes in our partner’s booths, including but not limited to: Cane Creek, EXT, ÖHLINS, 1UP and TRP. In addition to our brand new STEEZL, SST and prototype BREWser on display, resident REEB athletes Adam Prosise (Director of R&D) and Jeff Lenosky will be on site to sprinkle REEB sparkle on the festival in a variety of ways. Just in case you find yourself in Monterey this April, we’ve put together a brief schedule of what’s happening when, where you can high five Adam & Jeff on any given day, and where you can view some rad REEB bikes at Sea Otter. 

Pre Otter 4/15

  • Join Jeff Lenosky and the Trail Boss Academy for a one day Pre Otter Intermediate skills clinic,  Saturday April 15th at Toro Park in Salinas California. 
  • Register HERE
  • Find Additional Trail Boss Academy clinics and events HERE

Thursday 4/20

  • All day: Adam Racing in the Enduro on the BREWser Prototype
    • BREWser Specs: 190mm/180mm experimental platform featuring Cumberland Additive frame components, a Pinion C1.9 Gearbox and Gates CDX belt drive. Go SEE IT IN ACTION!  
  • 12pm-2pm: Jeff at the Sea Otter Kids Zone

Friday 4/21

  • 11am-12pm: Jeff signing posters at the Cane Creek booth (Y53)
  • 12pm-2pm: Jeff at the Sea Otter Kids Zone 

Saturday 4/22 

  • 11am-12pm: Jeff signing posters at the Cane Creek booth (Y53)
  • 12pm-2pm: Jeff at the Sea Otter Kids Zone 
  • 2:30pm-3pm: Jeff at 1UP booth (M145) providing skills tips

Sunday 4/23

  • Morning: Adam Race DH Finals 
  • 12pm-2pm: Jeff at the Sea Otter Kids Zone 


You can find a variety of REEB models/custom builds on display at the following booths AND if you see one, tag @reebcycles on Instagram along with the partner booths account for a chance to win a REEB shirt (and maybe a beer if you're 21+). We'll select one winner per day around 4:20PM. @adam_prosise will be there with a backpack full of swag and will send you a DM from the REEB account for you to meetup and claim your prize.

Partner Booths With REEBs on Display

  • EXT – Booth S101 [SST, STEEZL, and BREWser]
  • OHLINS – Booth Y63 [SST, STEEZL]
    • 1Up – Booth M145 [SST]
    • Cane Creek – Booth Y53 [SST - Limited Edition Halo Build, STEEZL]
    • TRP – Booth A153 [STEEZL]
    • Robert Axle Project / Old Man Mountain – Booth B18 [STEEZL]


    If you’re not going to California for the LARGEST MOUNTAIN BIKE FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD; please enjoy the (hopefully lovely) late April weather in your area by getting outside for a ride, or two or three… or ALL of the rides. Though technically Spring has Sprung, it’s still a little iffy here in Colorado but we hope to join in the Romping at a reliable cadence come May sometime. Until then, we’ll remain hard at work getting your bikes assembled and delivered with all the flair you expect from REEB.