Ambassador Ride :: James Stokoe

REEB ambassador and badass photographer James Stokoe just built up a new SST with one of the freshest paint jobs we've had leave the booth. The custom color is called Universe, and the images James snagged are straight from outer space.

Here's what James had to say about his new whip;

“I was blown away when I got my hands on the frame and saw it in the daylight, the way that the infinite colors endlessly change and pop as the light hits the frame from different angles can mesmerize the gnarliest cases of ADHD. Once I got to swing my leg over this beauty and take it for a rip it blew my mind once again. The bike is incredibly responsive, unbelievable fast and so damn fun to ride. Spinning up the hills has now become fun and once at the top of the hill, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning with the anticipation of opening the bike shaped present that sits under the tree. Pointing the SST down the hill brings a smile so big that I’ve got permanent crows feet and flies stuck in my teeth. This bike is fuckin rad.”  

Give James a follow on IG to keep up with his SST fueled adventures and peep his killer set of images below.