Sqweeb V4 Tech Overview

The REEB Sqweeb v4 is the result of our mission to manufacture the most versatile American-built aluminum trail bike available.  We leveraged REEB’s manufacturing and design capabilities to develop a new frame that retains all the elements riders love about previous versions, while improving a few areas.  Sqweeb v4 has been refined to shed a bit of weight, improve aesthetics, bearing life and serviceability.

These updates are the result of testing and rider feedback, they include:

  • New, lighter top tube
  • More internal machining on BB/Main pivot cluster for weight reduction
  • New chain stay yoke machined for weight reduction
  • 92 gram weight reduction on rocker
  • New trunnion bearings with dual row bearings for double the load capacity
  • 3 piece rocker design for lighter weight, tighter tolerances and greatly reduced manufacturing waste material
  • Clevis mount on seat stay/rocker interface for stiffer rear end. The rear end now uses four of the same bearings.
  • Easier to service the bearings
  • Seat stays mount further inboard for more heel clearance and slimmer look. 10mm narrower per side

Sqweeb v4 continues forward with the CNC machined suspension/seat tube assembly, improved kinematics, and a modular lower shock mount.

Details carried over from v3 are as follows:

  • Tube set is highly shaped to handle high loads and maximize space and clearance for standover, water bottles and suspension components
  • CNC machined BB/seat tube cluster provides greatly improved stiffness and strength to critical areas of the frame, while allowing for the longest dropper posts available (Sm-150mm, Med-180mm, L-XL 210mm)
  • Suspension kinematics have been improved to provide better pedaling, controlled braking, and the most tune-able and predictable platform available
  • Modular lower shock mount allows for a wide range of setup options, including short travel 29, long travel 29, and mullet specific configurations.  Available HERE.

REEB’s heritage is born from hardtail, singlespeed riders looking for reliable, capable rigs that can handle big days on big mountains.

Reliability has always been at the core of everything we build.  With the Sqweeb v4, we’ve created a Barn Built bike that can take a thrashing and stand the test of time. Our tube set will handle whatever you throw at it, our welds are meticulously executed by hand, and our suspension pivots are overbuilt with high quality hardware.  We use Enduro bearings exclusively, and Sqweeb frames are designed to make bearing replacement a  breeze when a full service is required.

We hope that you’ll become part of the REEB family (if you aren’t already) so you can enjoy what we’ve built and give us feedback to help make rad bikes for rad riders.

REEB SQWEEB v4 Configurations

We set out to build a bike that represents what modern big mountain riding can be. Tunable. Predictable. Dynamic. Shredable. One bike to rule them all.

We took a deep, deep dive into what we liked and what we didn’t. We looked at the different disciplines that spoke to us and listened to the feedback from our community of riders. We honed it down to a few core setups, leaned into our bike building/beer drinking heritage, and fired up the machinery. We made a bike that is something we all want to ride.

The heart of the Sqweeb v4 is the BB/Suspension Cluster. We machine this part in two halves that are welded together down the center to create an incredibly stiff, strong, and stable frame component. The BB, main suspension pivot, and upper suspension pivot are all located in this part, giving us perfect frame alignment and keeping suspension forces contained within the machined structure. Because we aren’t tied to the standard fabrication techniques, we are able to design for optimum suspension performance, maximum seatpost insertion, and unrivalled strength. Our new frame design allows the REEB Sqweeb v4 to adapt to your preference. Short travel, long travel, or mullet configurations.

 Travel Options – 130mm or 150mm rear travel 29″ with balanced and confident ride feels. Or, go with the Mullet version for 160mm rear travel with a 27.5″ rear wheel.

160F/130R Short travel trail setup. Transcends the numbers and highlights the playful nature, stiffness and predictable dynamics of the Sqweeb v4 platform. All-day alpine perfection with the chops to slay technical trails and jump lines.

160-170F/150R 29″ Long travel setup.  Confident big mountain rig. All of the hardcore character, more of the succulent travel. Long stroke shock delivers blissfully controlled suspension action.

160-170F/150-160R Mullet setup.  You asked and we answered.  The Sqweeb is now available in a stock mullet setup!