Sqweeb V3 Tech Overview

REEB SQWEEB v3 Configurations

REEB has built bikes for the big mountains since day one, and we’ve been aiming for something hardcore, predictable, and reliable the whole time. In the days before 1x drivetrains and clutched derailleurs this meant a singlespeed hardtail. Nothing to break, no derailleur slapping your chainstays, no bullshit. We’ll still build you a ripper singlespeed, but we fully embrace the goodness that modern suspension and components bring to us. We set out to build a bike that represents what modern big mountain riding can be. Tunable. Predictable. Dynamic. Shredable. One bike to rule them all.

CNC Machined BB / Suspension Cluster

We took a deep, deep dive into what we liked and what we didn’t. We looked at the different disciplines that spoke to us and listened to the feedback from our community of riders. We honed it down to a few core setups, leaned into our bike building/beer drinking heritage, and fired up the machinery. We made a bike that is something we all want to ride. If you want to learn more, grab a Dale’s and find a comfy seat…

The heart of the Sqweeb v3.0 is the new BB/Suspension Cluster. We machine this part in two halves that are welded together down the center to create an incredibly stiff, strong, and stable frame component. The BB, main suspension pivot, and upper suspension pivot are all located in this part, giving us perfect frame alignment and keeping suspension forces contained within the machined structure. Because we aren’t tied to the standard fabrication techniques, we are able to design for optimum suspension performance, maximum seatpost insertion, and unrivalled strength. Our new frame design allows the REEB Sqweeb v3.0 to adapt to your preference. Short travel, long travel, dedicated coil or air shock configurations.


Travel Options – 130mm or 150mm rear travel with balanced and confident ride feels. Coil or Air options for all setups.

  • 150F/130R Short travel trail setup. Transcends the numbers and highlights the playful nature, stiffness and predictable dynamics of the Sqweeb v3.0 platform. All-day alpine perfection with the chops to slay technical trails and jump lines.
  • 160F/150R Confident big mountain rig. All of the hardcore character, more of the succulent travel. Long stroke shock delivers blissfully controlled suspension action. 
  • 170F/150R You a big hitter? EWS worthy? Put on a 170mm fork and build a trophy cabinet. Proven enduro winning formula without the tribal sacrifices.

Configuration Details

  • Short Travel: Precision weapon for long, technical days in the saddle
  • 150mm front travel 
  • 130mm rear travel
  • 65.5 degree head angle
  • 76.5 eff. Seat angle
  • 343mm BB
  • 185×50 Trunnion rear shock
  • Lower shock mount optimized for high volume air shocks (optional coil setup available)


  • Long Travel: Balanced rig for big mountains/Earn your turns
  • 160mm front travel
  • 150mm rear travel
  • 65 degree head angle
  • 76 degree seat angle
  • 346mm BB
  • 205×60 Trunnion rear shock
  • Lower shock mount optimized for high volume air shocks (optional coil setup available)
  • Enduro: Full-on enduro race bike
    • 170mm front travel
    • 150mm rear travel
    • 64.5 degree head angle
    • 75.5 degree seat angle
    • 350mm BB
    • 205×60 Trunnion rear shock
    • Lower shock mount optimized for coil shocks (optional HV air setup available)

          REEB SQWEEB v3 Suspension and Kinematics

          Tuned for Air or Coil shocks – 100% Anti-Squat – Balanced Braking –

          The suspension design used on the Sqweeb v3 is an evolution of the Horst-link type system used on previous REEB Sqweebs. For 2020, we have made incremental, but significant, changes to this proven suspension system. Improvements on Sqweeb v3 focused on improved tune-ability, increased flexibility, and dynamic stability.

          We tested many configurations and quickly found that we wanted both short-travel and long-travel options for the Sqweeb v3. We designed a unique modular lower shock mount system that allows for independent tuning of ride height and leverage ratio. The theoretical range of tuning that this gives us is HUGE, and we tested a wide range of settings from very linear to very progressive leverage curves with trunnion mounted coil and air shocks in multiple sizes.

          For the stock frames, we’ve narrowed it down to 4 standard configurations, each tailored for premium ride quality:

          • 130mm (185×50 Air)
          • 130mm (185×50 Coil)
          • 150mm (205×60 Air)
          • 150mm (205×60 Coil)

          Yes, we are willing to talk about custom tuning options! If you want to tune the feel of your ride at home or on the trail, we have 2-position lower shock mounts available on our Components page.

          Sqweeb v3.0 doesn’t rely on fancy shock tunes or damping platforms to pedal well. Anti-sqwat is independent from leverage curve settings, and both ST and LT versions exhibit ~100% Anti-Sqwat at the sag point. Balanced anti-rise allows the Sqweeb v3.0 suspension to react seamlessly during braking while maintaining support and stability for attacking steep lines. The Sqweeb v3.0 is highly tuner-friendly, designed around modern shocks, pedals and brakes very well, and provides an advanced platform for anything from trail riding to enduro racing.