REEB Cycles Steel “SST” Full Suspension Bike Is Available to Order

Lyons, Colo. (September 28th, 2022) – REEB Cycles is officially launching the steel short travel (120mm) “SST” trail bike for widespread availability, a development that relies heavily on exploring the limits of manufacturing technology to build a truly unique high performance mountain bike. The SST is the first trail ready indication of their investment in aerospace manufacturing experience, engineering and materials.   

The SST trail bike blends the custom steel tubeset from Jeff Lenosky’s signature Redikyelous hardtail with the design, fabrication and abuse testing of Adam Prosise’s groundbreaking BREWser.  Pairing the suspension technology design from the critically acclaimed Sqweeb and utilizing innovative aerospace-grade SLM 3D printed frame components, the SST embodies the rowdy and playful character of REEB’s proven steel hardtails while providing enough suspension to hit the big lines.

At the heart of the SST is a brand new, REEB exclusive 4-bar suspension system that combines the pedaling and braking performance of a Horst-link with the simplicity and low weight of a flex-stay. REEB uses custom formed steel stays, a hollow yoke and proprietary dropouts to precisely control suspension movement and increase lateral stiffness over a traditional steel frame. This design gives the SST incredible small bump sensitivity, supportive ramp throughout the travel, and a sublime balance of stiffness and compliance. Leverage ratio, kinematics and geometry are all tuned to create an ultra responsive chassis that jumps off the line, crushes climbs, slaps berms, launches gaps, and floats through chunder like a much bigger bike.

Essential to SST development was exploring the limits of manufacturing technology and applying it to build a light, stiff and strong steel bike. The SST features SLM 3D printed hollow stainless steel chainstay yoke, seatstay clevis, and rear dropouts. The result is a stronger, stiffer, lighter, and more elegant trail bike.   

“Metal additive manufacturing (3D Printing) has intrigued us for a while, but until recently it was not a cost effective or accessible technology. Over the last couple of years 3D printing has become much more mainstream so we jumped at the opportunity to make some parts” said the SST and Sqweeb design engineer and REEB Cycles President, Steve “Space Cowboy” Ziegler.  Steve brings more than two decades of aerospace manufacturing, engineering, and operations experience paired with a lifelong addiction to fast bikes and a deep connection with the REEB brand.

REEB has been able to develop the lightweight steel full suspension frame by leveraging Selective Laser Melting 3D printing to create thin wall parts with internal structure that would be impossible to manufacture on any subtractive CNC machining process. REEB leveraged the process to develop the steel dropouts, main pivot yokes and seatstay clevis bosses that are lighter, and stronger than machined aluminum parts. Their appearance is also sleek and matches the aesthetics of steel tubing.

The REEB Cycling fabrication team (Adam Prosise and Robbie Jackson) also adds James Bridge, who has over 8 years of experience developing engineering concepts into reliable products for the aerospace industry. James has contributed to multiple successful spaceflight missions and shares the team’s love for precision fabrication and fast machines.

With these additions REEB plans to expand their scope of operations to focus on increasing manufacturing capability and reducing lead times while retaining the grassroots culture and exquisite craftsmanship that are synonymous with the brand. The company is committed to bringing people, technology, and culture together to develop and deliver extraordinary products to customers who share a passion for riding bikes and having fun. 

Sqweeb aesthetics are visible via the in-house CNC machined rocker link, although with a reduced size and weight to match the SST’s intended use. All SST pivots have been extensively tested on the Sqweeb frame and paired with enduro bearings throughout.

Current SST lead times are:

FRAME ONLY: December 1st, 2022

X01 AXS BUILD: January 1st, 2023

GX Build: February 1st, 2023