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Pinion Gearbox Bikes

Pinion gearbox technology is based on spur gearing with two gearing sub-units connected on the output end. The combination of both gearing sub-units with their different gear pairs generates the individual gears.

They are evenly spaced apart in gearshift steps that make ergonomic sense for the particular application range, depending on the type of gearbox. Pinion does not have gear overlaps. Also, low efficiency values and chain wear are anathema to Pinion gearbox technology. Furthermore, ratio bandwidths of more than 630%, meaning you can select the perfect gear for any situation.

All gears can be shifted in succession or skipped in whatever order you require. It does not matter in this case whether the bicycle is moving or not. Standard hub transmissions usually have a relatively large number of components in mesh for transmitting force. With Pinion, however, force is only transmitted via two gear pairs. This technical peculiarity ensures a consistently direct and loss-free riding sensation in any gear.

Dikyelous 2 Pinion

The REEB Dikyelous outfitted with a Pinion gearbox and 150mm of travel up front.
Barn Built in Lyons, CO.

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The Pinion DONKADONK outfitted with a Pinion gearbox for ultimate winter shredding.
Barn Built in Lyons, CO.

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Pinion Sam’s Pants

The Sam’s Pants equipped with a Pinion gearbox for long range adventure reliability.
Barn Built in Lyons, CO.

Pinion Sam’s Pants – BUY NOW