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Mountain Flyer Magazine: Off the Keyboard, into the Sawatch

Mountain Flyer Magazine recently featured a bikepacking story written by REEBer Chad Melis (Turn It Up Marketing), featuring stellar photography by Fred Marmsater of riders Tim Moore (REEB Cycles) and Sterling Mudge (Cloud City Wheelers).

The 2018-2019 winter was the snowiest and longest winter I’ve experienced in my two decades in Colorado, providing both epic ski conditions and record avalanche activity. But the wild winter had left Colorado mountain bikers impatiently awaiting the high-alpine singletrack to open its loving arms. As reports and images of cornices and large drifts closing high-country trails deep into July surfaced on social media, we alpine junkies wondered what else the avalanche debris had deposited on our remote, high-country pay dirt. A much-needed bikepacking trip would give us a snapshot.

I was throwing back beers at Oskar Blues in Lyons, Colo., with Tim Moore (REEB Cycles sales director), Sterling Mudge (executive director at Cloud City Wheelers), and Fred Marmsater (photographer) when the trip was conceived. The long Colorado winter had us collectively thumbing away at our phones to survey calendars, scope maps, snoop social media, and comb non-paywalled newspaper articles, to find a way to get the planets and conditions to align…

Grab a beer and read the whole story HERE at Mountain Flyer Magazine as we roll Off the Keyboard and into the Sawatch.