Limited Edition Space Cowboy Pocket Tee - REEB Cycles

Limited Edition Space Cowboy Pocket Tee

Want to learn more about Steve and why he’s got his own REEB shirt? Check out this quick Q&A below.

1. Is it true you just wandered into the REEB barn one day, then ended up playing a crucial role in the design of Sqweeb V3? Tell us a little about how that all happened.

Haha yeah, it’s true. I had just moved to Lyons and I admired what REEB had going on… the culture, mystique, exquisite fabrication, the lineage and soul of a company with a good story. The crew was hosting an open house/party at the weld shop one weekend so I stopped by to check things out. Had a few beers, chatted with Chris and Adam a bit, I walked away super impressed by the level of craftsmanship and how real and down to earth everyone was. I also walked away knowing I would own a bike built in that barn ASAP.

Fast forward a few months, I was getting a little burned out at my real job and found myself wanting to get back in touch with some of the things I have real passion for. Bikes of all sorts, designing and fabricating cool stuff, good people and good beer all get me stoked, so I rode over to the shop one afternoon and offered to help out with anything. I didn’t care what it was, I was down to run the saw or sweep the floor. Whatever I could do to spend some time at REEB engaged with stuff I was passionate about… I was in. Right off the bat Adam and I got talking about engineering/machining/fabrication and he asked if I could help get some of his ideas for the Sqweeb modeled in CAD. I went home, dug in and designed some parts that week. When I showed them to Adam he was really nice about letting me know the parts weren’t quite what he was imagining (AKA that shit was ugly) so we talked through everything and started to really collaborate on the project. It was clear right then that we worked together very well, and that we shared a vision on how to design and build bikes.

We spent the next month or so going back and forth, focusing on what would eventually turn into the Sqweeb V3… hundreds of hours on so many little details that no one will ever notice but that make it work. We wanted a bike that retained the playful, confident character of the previous Sqweeb AND was stronger AND was easier to manufacture AND looked rad AND was something that could be setup in a variety of ways to suit different riders/terrain.  It was, honestly, a ton of work but when the parts came off the CNC and Adam welded up that first prototype it was all worth it. The V3 turned out really, really nice and it fucking shreds.

2. Since REEB just pays you in bikes + beer, what’s your real job so people know where the nickname came from?

***For each t-shirt purchased REEB will donate one Dale’s Pale Ale to the Space Cowboy Beer Fund***

Yeah I pretty much work pro-bono for REEB. I’m the Director of Manufacturing Operations at an aerospace company by day. That pays the bills and allows me to stay in touch with super advanced manufacturing and fabrication technology. Over the years I built a ton of hardware/science instruments/spacecraft that are on the moon, on Mars, orbiting the sun performing solar physics experiments, in crazy radiation environments learning about the Van Allen belts, etc., etc.  All the space stuff plus I’m a little bit country and a whole lot nerdy so that’s where the Space Cowboy handle came from… Cowboy Bebop fans get it. 

3. What is your favorite part about REEB Cycles and why do you ride them?

My favorite part about REEB is the culture. The crew is so genuine and kind and also extremely good at what they do. It’s not just the folks at REEB, it’s the whole community that exists because REEB exists. In the short time I’ve been involved with the company I’ve met some of the best friends I could hope for! Everyone is really aligned on what is important in life, and they all send it at whatever they are doing.

Even if I wasn’t designing for REEB I’d be riding them… the bikes are gorgeous and made by folks right here and that alone is enough to get me onboard. It’s not just that, the bikes truly haul ass and are built to handle some serious riding. Each model has evolved over the years based on testing and feedback from a group of incredibly talented riders on terrain all over the world. The bikes each have so much character and such dialed ride qualities it blows my mind. Jeff Lenosky’s hardtail is a great example, that bike is wild and is honestly unparalleled in technical terrain! Or the Hooptie Klunker. The fastest I’ve ever ridden Porcupine Rim was on a Hooptie with a 100mm fork on it, at night. WTF? That is some special sauce and that bike and that ride will be forever etched in my happy memories. There’s something in the water in Lyons, or maybe it’s the beer, but every bike that comes out of that barn is just dialed.

The original shirt art was inspired by this photo of Steve and created by @Maxillla_Art.